W4th Cello Man


delighting in the throws of a lazy Sunday afternoon
where the ides of November invites outdoor diners
I spend my day contently relaxing in bed

in a city seemingly always in motion
one man has created a secret garden
clandestine only because it hides in the open
unnoticed like the talent of a stranger
a live chameleon landscape
and like a child led by the hand
my thoughts are guided to this place
the breeze brings in his sweet sounds
a resonating melody that lulls the beast
coaxing the ferocious metropolis to lay

the trash is taken out
a dog is walked and couples laugh
some notice the man sitting on the corner
but few let him transform the scene
like magic that only works when you believe
this wizard has converted his wand into a bow
that sings his incantations of peace
making his West 4th stoop an oasis

here alone in my bed
my picnic in the park auditorium
I can give thanks to the warlock of sound


4 Responses to “W4th Cello Man”

  1. Hello, I have accidently come across this website whilst searching on online as I am looking for some info on electric cellos!. It is a very interesting site so I have bookmarked your site and I will revisit you tomorrow to give it a more indepth browse when I’ll more free time.

    • Vic said

      Thank you, Milagros. I appreciate your kind words and do very much like that you plan on coming back! Please leave me your mark when you return, so that I know what you think: good, bad and ugly.

  2. Thank you again for coming to visit my blog. I read several of your poems, but I like this one best. You paint a vivid picture with your words. Cello is my favorite instrument. It is easy to imagine someone listening to a street performer and being wisked away for the time of the song. Thank you for this.

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