Ode to George


second son closing the circle
blood of my blood
you were my first doppelganger
and though I your elder
much did I learned from you
shorter of stature
and someone to look up to
I am proud of you
a beautiful tapestry
cut from the same cloth
knowing mom, she cut the bolt in equal halves
the best she had was ours
with blue Lithuanian blood
and spicy Sicilian disposition
you are vintage ’82 a meritage
as you grow in flavor and complexity
temper your strength
I will be there
no matter what
as we play ambassadors of our ilk
side by side, my late arrived twin


2 Responses to “Ode to George”

  1. poeticgrin said

    I’m a big fan of brother poems. A wonderful tribute.

  2. Tel said

    I concur with Bryan. This is great!

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