a whirlwind has entrapped me
from within its clutches I peer out
the world is a bazaar of strangers
languages leak in jumbled
unhurt and still mid-flight
perhaps I’ll land in a bail of cotton
or am I destined for rocky shores
broken, a ship that missed the lighthouse

I will worry about landing when I’m let down
for now the fight against the debris ensues
avoiding dangers as best as possible
survival, reflexes and instinct
calling for help is futile
my destiny is mine to pursue
scrapping through one dustdevil to another


3 Responses to “disorientation”

  1. Where you been at, mister? Off someplace writin’ mighty fine poems like this one, from the looks of it…

    • Vic said

      You’re a funny one, Yosef. I’ve just started a new job that has had my brain made to mush. I’m glad you stopped by despite my lack of production of late. Thank you, sir.

  2. swapna said

    Good one Vic, bail of cotton or to rocky shores broken like a ship that missed lighthouse brought a clear cut thought thats going on. Hope its a bail of cotton for now, Have a great weekend.

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