you know who you are


words, notes, drawings
any fool has the ability
creation implies no skill
composition is an art
talent makes it good
memorable among others
like a good pinot noir
or simply fresh air
some have worked on it
others have it naturally
but the distinction is there
and thank you for sharing


7 Responses to “you know who you are”

  1. I think you should be tagging yourself in this one. 😉

  2. Bryan Borland said

    HA! The tag. Better late discovering it than never. What a nice surprise! But I’m with JH, as usually. Tag yo’self!

    But I’ll accept the compliment. Thank you.

    I love the juxtaposition of wine and fresh air. What lovely imagery!

    I’m paranoid I’m mispelling everything today.

  3. Bryan Borland said

    Did I just misspell mispelling?

  4. Bryan Borland said

    Both of those look wrong. Good lord.

  5. Vic said

    I’m going to keep this chain up just because it makes me laugh! Unlike Salieri, I will play on happy to be able to play with the shadow of Mozart.

    Magnas inter opes inops.

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