Allowed to have domain
blank canvas begging for action
beige walls and white washed brick
picket fences and punctuated essays
thriving monotone facets of mediocrity
sometimes a breath of life is needed
a rebel ushering in some chaos to order
drawing outside of the box in crooked lines
flagrant colors and images offend
yet some pedestrians admire the work
a call to rethink what we know and harvest
questioning the morality of black and white
pointing to etched images in private property
as progress rather than insubordination
accepting mutation as the birth of evolution
regardless of how long it takes to catch on
as white is repainted white and erased
the scream will be heard for longer than it lingered
for what is seen cannot be unseen
and the seed of the future planted


3 Responses to “Vandal”

  1. I’m one of the admirers and former perpetrators. Won’t lie. 😉

    Glad you’re back!

  2. Uncle Tree said

    “regardless of how long it takes to catch on”

    It’s funny how the simplest line of the bunch
    says it all. At least, for me. Graffiti rocks!

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