country sky


Last night I stood staring up
a strange glow lit up the sky
the fire was lame for the woods lay dark
yet the many suns burned in distant skies
dancing as the hearth beside me flickered
and making me humble on my terra firma
was there someone looking up at me?
was there something bigger than this?
thoughts danced as the smoke did
view of the black pocked with needleholes
weaved in and out from behind the smoke snake
a glow of stardust resembled the rising ash
conversation and sounds in the woods
brought me back to more mundane wavelengths
leaving the heavens to peer at me again
the everpresent voyeurs of my life


5 Responses to “country sky”

  1. wally426 said

    It really was a beautiful evening. Glad we could get one more trip out to the wilderness before old man winter reclaims it. Love the last two lines…

  2. 20yearsfromnow said

    Amazing, this is what it feels like to look into the night sky. Great job!
    Thanks for your visit to my blog a few weeks back and for introducing yourself. I don’t sign on as often as I used to (heavy work obligations lately), but I look forward to reading more from you. 🙂

  3. swapna said

    Thank You Vic for taking time out to read my post.Am honoured that you did, for it left a trail to this nice place.

    Enjoyed reading this one, this has all the elements i appreciate, be it the glow , the sky, the stars and ofcourse lovely words that paint the picture perfect.

    • Vic said

      As I said, it was my pleasure. If you have a minute, check out the other poets’ blogs on my blogroll (as I will do yours).

      Thank you for stopping by and I’ll be sure to check out your older and new works.

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