our bed


our bed is a contradiction
you say it’s loud like cotton balls
if that’s not enough under a muffling comforter
the dip brings us together, how I like it
you see a hole that chases dreams away
I don’t feel the dip, just you in my arms
my soft pillow of breathing warmth
keeping me alive, snug while I slumber


8 Responses to “our bed”

  1. Pearl said

    loud like cotton balls? does that mean really quiet?

    I’ve wondered if stuffing a quilt under the sag would work…haven’t tried tho.

    • Vic said

      No, Pearl, it’s not quiet. It’s funny. I guess my understanding her is another testament as to why we’re together. It’s sort of a grinding sound.

      I still don’t think there’s really a dip, but she swears to it.

      Thanks for stopping by, reading and commenting. 🙂

  2. karen said

    …there’s much to be said for the dip, Vic! 😉

  3. Great contrast of perceptions here from two in the same bed :-). This was intriguing Vic, very nicely done!

    • Vic said

      I must confess, it was really easy to write this one, since I can’t understand her when she tells me about the dip or that the bed is too hard… as I don’t see either. She is my favorite muse.

  4. Everyone’s perception is different, even when it comes to beds. That’s the illusion. ^___^

  5. poeticgrin said

    This poem is one of my favorites, Vic. Our bed has that dip, too.

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