wake the beast


I hear the call
like a lupine invite over the hills
the winds carry the scent of pines
my blood burns a heavy crimson now on oaks
a tempered balance in contrast to white spruce
I hear the call
the shirt shed off of my back
earth squeezes between my toes
the chill of autumnal bliss kisses me with freedom
tonight there will be reason to howl
next to the fire of my ancestors
I will answer the call
breaking from mortar and cement
paths cut through the woods
like those created by smaller beasts
these arteries beckon to reunite us
returning to the reality of life
senses used in primal survival
the woods are superior


2 Responses to “wake the beast”

  1. Don’t suppose this had anything to do with the absolutely gorgeous moon last night, did it? 😉

    Anyway: very nice! especially “tonight there will be reason to howl”

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