28th day


behind colored eyes
a flash of what is to come
simple warnings not to inquire
let no man be caught off guard
the lunar gravity tugs at inner tides
bloating the shores, eroding hope
the emotion is like a riptide
undertow drags its victims out mercilessly
gruesome remains will be found in days to come
shattered men, broken by the moon
unfettered sanguinous tide of savagery
cries of primal elation and despair
the warning silver orb predicted it all


4 Responses to “28th day”

  1. Kuyerjudd said

    Your poem gave me goose bumps. It has that good eerie tone that’s just so wonderful!

  2. swapna said

    The words you have used did build up the prediction of “silvery orb”. Beautiful words.

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