military industrial complex


when his uncle had come home
he had a less than warm welcome
called names for his servitude
insult to an already injured mind
unsure of what was worse
the spit in his eye or
patty soaked socks in boots

an older cousin stood tall
on a peril-wrought border
a foreign country divided
and our blood stood guard
lost in his thoughts at attention
his countrymen unawares
most forgetting his position
and couldn’t find him on a map

now the soldier sits in the sand
protecting his country’s interests
knowing little of why he’s there
but following orders to his best
at home he is now a hero
his uncle’s generation will salute
still a gluttonous nation is complacent
and is still too fat to complain
of being falsely represented

leaders of long ago
who held mettle in their words
a general as commander-in-chief
warned of an evil lurking behind the Dollar
that soon would infiltrate if left unattended
suffocating fruitful progression
like weeds in a fertile garden
reversing leaps forward for the public
and giving all to greedy leaders

the public does not mind
because the people do not notice
their bellies are full
and the stores are well stocked
they have not gone without
while their brothers bleed
believing the media and marketing
without any thought on their involvement
change will be hard found
much less now from the polls


2 Responses to “military industrial complex”

  1. An Imperfect Servant said

    That’s a hell of a statement
    An amazing poem to boot
    I whole-heartedly agree.

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