Ocumare de la costa


Nonna is singing as she forms the Arepas
cornmeal molded discs of white
each becomes a stud in a strat of her instrument
outside my uncles sit by a case of beer
knife in hand, they scale the Parguito
occasionally putting down the blade
to transfer pieces of fish armor onto the bottle
grandfather’s bounty will soon be ready for the marinade
the coals are ready to be lit, though it’s only lunchtime
vibrant red Hibiscus flowers line the garden walls
only Eden had a more vivid enclosure
Cambures grow in one corner
clustered banana trees turn into karate practice
crackling sappy residue onto each kids’ chop
nobody cares, the kids are safe and no harm is done
the manga and guayaba trees beat an earthen rhythm
falling fruit then turned into a paradise bounty
enjoyed by milk teeth and geriatric gums alike
the Lima and Lechosa plants cannot hardly keep up
having a much slower tempo to their dance
after lunch we’ll head to the Bahia de Cata
to return to an already prepared grillfest of tropical ingredients
which will then lead to storytelling over dominos
and early bedtimes for aspiring ninjas
so that they don’t see where all the beer goes, yet


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