the structure beneath stomping feet sways
a byproduct of the crowd’s movement
noise that rings with an electronic sound
rattles eardrums and surges adrenaline
then by the commanded wave of a fireman
mounted on the shoulders of another
the roar falls to a hush of anticipation
only to erupt in a synchronized cheer
spelling out the the name of the team
with swinging arms all in unison
then back to the mayhem of fanaticism
guttural explosions unrestrained
supporting warriors dressed in green
in search of the blood of the opposition


2 Responses to “J-E-T-S!!!”

  1. Vic, I have never seen such a good football poem before! Your wonderfull imagination knows know boundaries my friend :-).

    • Vic said

      Flattery will get you everywhere, Kat! Thanks 🙂 I’m actually going to the Jets game this weekend in Houston, so I’m excited.

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