city fat cat gone skinny


failed ambitions of a overzealous fool
give way to the disillusionment of reality
like narcissus now peering up from the muck
a cat with its snout stuck in a glue trap
here I sit, gazing at the shambles of life
regurgitating the cud from lessons past
only to find it tasting like the evaded manure

belly round with good living and indulgence
avarice turned quickly to bankruptcy
from top shelf to swill, the taste now lingers
if only the heart matched the pelt, the possibilities…
I won’t lay down my sword, nor let it lose it shine
my chest will stay puffed along with my chin high
at least I’ll face the gallows with blazing eyes
or give the firing squad a view into a life they covet
to live well, to love, to have known the world
my regrets are few with blessings aplenty

hopefully tomorrow the shadows will pass to sun
and the dwindling contents of my glass replenished
to sing praises with spirits held high to my brothers
and my beloved never far from my side
the fires will pass and the harvest saved
no matter what the outcome I will not run
for fire fertilizes and begins anew
the upstart of a sappling’s green amidst the ashes


2 Responses to “city fat cat gone skinny”

  1. Fat, Skinny
    Fat, Shinny
    Is there such a thing as yoyo dieting of the soul?
    Is sure feels that way sometimes.

    Marvelous work, this one.

    Miss D

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