summer’s end


the summer solstice has passed
days grow shorter and nights crisp
autumnal colors start to show
trees on fire while the air grows cold
pumpkins and apples brought in harvest
vintners sort their bounty accordingly
time to rejoice in the goût de terroir
finally bringing warmth back to cheeks
where the arboreal displays failed
the rosie hue of imbibing lips
attract peach fuzz skin to burly beards
warming hearts and blankets
as the aurora borealis dances in hearts
keeping the cut of winter’s sword sheathed
whilst sharpening Cupid’s arrows
for Spring’s vibrant blooming thaw


6 Responses to “summer’s end”

  1. My favorite time of year. 🙂 Nice!

    • Vic said

      I can’t say it’s my favorite time of the year, but I like the excitement of the changing seasons and the great things that are celebrated along with each mutation of this temperate world. Thanks, Joseph! Enjoy the autumnal bliss.

  2. signed .............bkm said

    very nice – bring warmth back to cheeks – yes, that is what it all about and with it love in our hearts – it will be a glorious autumn —bkm

  3. Vic you have done a really fine job here of painting Summer’s End with these lovely visuals. Beautifully done.

    • Vic said

      I got most of the visuals actually traveling last weekend down from upstate NY and just used what was around me. Thanks Kat!

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