ode to a spiderweb


an intricate design of artistic creating
unique and identifying like a snowflake
delicate and prone for destruction
a hard rain, violent winds, a clumsy creature
many are the razing possibilities to the web
but if food is to be caught, work must be done
taut between two twigs, or in a gazebo corner
a home, a net, a work of art is spun
silken tangle of many a vermin’s demise
gathers beads of morning’s dew
waiting for dinner plans to drop in


7 Responses to “ode to a spiderweb”

  1. I despise spiders, but grudgingly admit that for reasons like this, their webs are weirdly, creepily beautiful. Love “waiting for dinner plans to drop in”!

    • Vic said

      I can’t agree more with all of your first statement. As for the pun in the end, I couldn’t help myself. Thanks again, Joseph!

  2. I just love the way you wrap such wonderful visuals into deep thought! Seriously! Once more, I’m impressed!

  3. MMMM. As writers, as people, all we want is work and succeed at drawing our prey in, yes? This poem is not as cynical as I am, though, and I appreciate your delicacy.

    • Vic said

      And the sarcastic NYer in me applauds your point of view. Thanks for taking the time to read some of my scribbles and commenting.

  4. Uncle Tree said

    I like this one, Vic!

    Spider webs are most unusual in this respect:

    They are one of a few things that are a sight
    to behold, especially of an early morn, right
    at the crack of dawn, glistening away with dew
    as the sun’s rays beam down and through their
    intricate designs, but I hate walking into one.

    Some things are just so beautiful…
    that I don’t dare touch them.
    Pretty creepy, huh?

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