the escort


jealous eyes follow his escort
speculations on how this came to be
fair maiden arm in arm with quasimodo
a gala event where none suspect him
her curves invite and face enchants
beautiful natural waves of brown
lucid eyes of liquid blue move in osmosis
still there’s a fat man at her side
Persian rug and antique chair pulled out
extended graces fit for a royal
her name is a foreign exotic delicacy
those who know it, know him too
for he is the escort, proud and undeserving
a sorry vice she has acquired
a plump mere boy, plain and unrefined
bringing the early dessert to the party
and keeping it all to himself


4 Responses to “the escort”

  1. The last two lines are brilliant.

    I thought I got the gist of the story lying underneath, and then it reversed itself halfway through. I think. Anyway, I like it!

    • Vic said

      I’m glad you liked it, Joseph. I had a couple different endings to this before settling on this one. I’m happy to have your reassurance 🙂 Thanks!

  2. I have to agree with Joseph! This was brilliant. Your wonderful imagination has done a wonderful work here. I love how this whole piece flows with such analogies and visuals that you are drawn in as a watcher to the whole scene. The ending was perfect, icing on the cake. Perfect.

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