the traveler


trains on a platform to useless destinations
pocketed tickets no good for hours to come
coins with no paper make use of imagination
like cheese with no bread, but don’t spare the wine
hazy well-traveled mind needing repair
the pistons need stay in motion, tout jour en guard
a moment’s carelessness, a closing eye
belongings meager, hosting base comforts
a sleeping bag, a camera, cell phone, some clothes
solitaire wins beating the boredom’s dominance
failing patience with beggars and gypsies
from Trier to Koblenz and onward to the East
hearty young liver a curse in lonely times
strange faces look familiar despite diverted glances
living out of a bag, a wanderer, a vagabond
those at home dream of your adventures
through postcards and letter written on rubbage
while passers-by see nothing more than a vagrant
not the child of chance, exploring the old country
a few more hours to a safely locked sleeping car
and the commonality of discomfort with fellow passengers
until then, stay sharp and pass the time wisely


2 Responses to “the traveler”

  1. Jamie Spencer said

    Very nice imagery. You really conveyed the scene to the reader very well.

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