sic transit gloria mundi


In a nest on high on a remote island
there rested a raptor unknown to man
its talons green with feathers blue
a curved beak, red like the berries of its perch

one day a foreign creature landed on shore
crawling out of the rough seas’ chop
the osprey took to flight and circled
spying on this strange beast with drooping fur

it laid on its belly, still, for hours
the bird of prey watched on, vigilant
despite the creature’s enormous size
this invader seemed of little threat

all day the being slept on the shore
and woke only as night began to fall
here the beast began to transform
shedding its fur exposing more
and moving around on its hind paws

the raptor being a daytime bird flew home
but soon had to return to renew surveillance
for the creature was causing a commotion
snapping the peace of night by attacking trees
breaking limbs and piling these bones

finally silence broke into the chaos
like in the eye of a disastrous storm
here the residents of the island wailed
in fear of the unknown of what was to come
as they had never experienced a similar storm

the monster laid still in apparent rest
moving only slightly and making no noise
then suddenly a magical spell cast
what had landed on the island must be a god

flames now rose from a small point
yells from the god-thing boasted to the sky
a dance it began in circles around its magic
nocturnal creatures now sleepless and loud
fear had taken hold of the native fauna

god or demon, no creature asked knew
all agreed this was not a good thing
the alien danced into the night to greet dawn
when finally it laid down to rest once again

as it happens between night and into day
the wind changed direction now blowing in
the demon slept while its fire burned near
winds now fanning the flames to greater heights

all of a sudden the demon’s magic jumped
and the ring of burning entered into homes
first bushes and burrows were burned and smoked out
then climbed up trunks to nests and sitting branches

wingless beasts below could not escape
a few small birds around took the the air
circling around, afraid at the sight
what was to happen to their paradise homes?

the crackle of the inferno woke the demonic fiend
it backed toward the waterline to observe its creation
destruction of a land never visited before
this was its mark on the first day at first sight

now the beautiful raptor once in air
could not set down anywhere for nothing was left
other small birds circled as well
once they were its prey, now neighbors in disaster

seeing nowhere to land and no reason to stay
the raptor let the wind take him wherever it goes
the little birds tried to follow but began to drop off
as their wings were not made for cruising big berths

the demon sat there admiring its work
death and destruction all in one swoop
like a plague came this messenger out of the sea
to take victims to hell and to savor the moment

the raptor of colors never seen to man
stayed on the winds as long as it could
but even the magnificently strong bird of prey
could not swim nor sustain its flight any longer

it fell to the ocean’s floor, the last of its kind
never to be documented or coveted
all because one being was careless or cruel
destroying everything with little thought or work


6 Responses to “sic transit gloria mundi”

  1. Oh wow Vic, this was cool. It held my attention throughout, just to see what was going to happen. And thats what a good tale should do. And I wasn’t disappointed: Brilliant ending, very well done!

    • Vic said

      Always too kind, Kat. Thanks for reading.
      I usually don’t revisit my scribbles, but I feel this one is a bit long. I may work on it.

      • Oh, it was my pleasure. It was a good tale. And I know what you mean. Just about everything I write is too long! Lol.. But I didn’t think this was too long, it held the attention as I said. My mind wasn’t wondering off here and there. Repost it if you re-write, but if you decide not too, there is nothing wrong with this version, imo.

      • Vic said

        Much obliged, m’lady.

        Yours are n’er too long! The epics you write are powerful epics. I look forward to each new posting.

      • Thanks hon. Now it’s you who is being too kind ;-).

        Nah, I’m not being “too kind”. Twas a worthy tale. Okay, I’m off to ponder and post something. Have a splendid day my friend!

  2. Uncle Tree said

    Sad, but true. Good story, Vic!

    When beast met machine, it really was all over.

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