who will be the first to act?
there’s a man in trouble
hurt and incapable of asking for help
there is a woman in need
pregnant and on carrying a load
will you be the one to offer a hand?
in a crowd, a man falls down
while at the park, I child is grabbed
it does not affect your life
let those who care struggle it out
a deaf ear, a blind eye, a lame hand
evil’s minions, his aiding accomplices
out of fear or lethargy, allowing is abetting
and let that be our shame
bystander’s syndrome is a social disease
allowing for societal weeds to grow
growing roots which break safe byways
tripping the rest of the populous into hurt
who will be the first to act?
look not to your neighbor on either side
expect nothing of common sense
especially if your logic has none
when tomorrow today is on the news
let me not be one of those to blame


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