“Hanging is my favorite way of dying.”


I march to the gallows
my head held high
an up-turned nose
a rebuke to the tyrrants
that escort me to fate
people badger me with scowls
pummel my spirit with debris
but the spit in my eye sustains me
so as I strut my last steps
in defiance of fear
begging not for my life
nor mercy or sorrow
the opposite in fact
my pride sapping their strength
this via dolorosa to glory
today a man dies
but his story will live on
a legend like blood from a stone
disparaging their hatred
and exacting nothing but awe
I put my own head through the noose
winking at the crowd
blowing a kiss at the executioner
I’ve killed over thirty men
and never been shot down
so here’s to the law to preserving that
gallows man hurry to do your deed
Bill Longley’s got dinner plans with Satan
and I must not be late


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