lonely traveler


lonesome he parted northbound
in foreign territory into a wooded land
the train had the musk of previous travelers
it hummed as it droned its way to Stockholm
pine forests stood like soldiers with spears
the locomotive passing each garrison unawares
viking raiders spread shoulder to shoulder
since Copenhagen, the landscape a natural work of art
yet having left his friends even for a day, he’s lonely
usually gregarious and outgoing
now stifled by  language he began to sing
head against the window he sang to the trees
like on a USO tour, entertaining the line of warriors
the melancholy hymns soothed him
with his own familiar tunes bringing him home
to where he knows each street name
and neighbors never change
now far away, but always with him like the moon
the train slowing, reaching another stop
to a town whose name he will never remember
a mother and child stood in the seat in front
the woman gave the stranger a warm smile
leading her child away by the hand
was stopped, if only for a brief moment
the tugging little hand led its mother near
to say in an angelic voice “thank you”
then just as quickly, the cherub scampered off
that was enough to warm a cold heart
having felt the love of strangers
a newfound hope in adventures reinstalled
leaving filed thoughts of home back
in that warm shelf over his hearts hearth
now looking for new kindling
to start a new source of warmth


2 Responses to “lonely traveler”

  1. I know this feeling well; it’s interesting to see how someone would write it out. It’s bittersweet- reminding one of what one has, what one has left, and what one is hoping to gain. Home is never more clear than when it is far away.

    One suggestion: line 20, shouldn’t it be “whose” not “who’s”?

    • Vic said

      Thanks for proof reading for me. 1 write, the idea’s out and on to the next one for me. 🙂

      I appreciate you taking the time to read my stuff. I’ll look forward to more posted from you, too!

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