live to fight another day


the hyenas have stopped their circling
over the last few days my strength abated
they stayed in the shadows at camp’s perimeter
offering a yelp and an occasional nip
making sure that their prey still would fight
the vultures too have flown away hungry
I have regained my health and continued
my hike through the wilds of life yet unfinished
the dangers are different, but present
at least I will not be felled without a bought
if I should go down by lion’s bite, I will bite back
or if a gator should roll me into the deep, I’ll take his eye
over crevasses and pitfalls, quicksand and desert
my steps are mine to plant once again
giving me time to think on my walkabout
fearing no longer being slain by illness
now looking forward to my final battle
against tooth and claw, life or death in the balance
victory in honorable death will be mine


3 Responses to “live to fight another day”

  1. …I take it you’re feeling better? 😉

  2. Ah, I like this piece very much Vic! I love the determination here of the survivor! That nasty flu may have laid you down, but it provoked some great writing!

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