human host


my bones have shrunk
like the pit of a ripe avocado
they rattle in places once snug
every step is a new ache
heightened temperature the body
melting an icy brain like dry ice
evaporating with no trace of itself
leaving only deadly fumes
which others evade at all costs
watching my swollen eyes approach
muttering fears under their breath
this time the plague has caught me
on the morrow it will need a new host
like evicted gypsies fighting for life
giving another poor soul’s bones a shake


One Response to “human host”

  1. I see your not feeling better!

    This was a great write, I love the way you did this one – very poetic description of the Flu. The visuals are perfect! I’m sorry you had to go there though to express it so well.

    Hope you start to feeling better soon!

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