head congestion


There is a traffic jam in my throat
it started late last night while I slept
the construction crew tried to get it done
overtime and night differential was not enough
work spilled over into working hours
my voice now traveling over bumpy roads
slow and muted over the gravel
in my nose is the runoff from the machines
wetting normally free flowing tunnels
slowing their flow into sloppy traffic
closing yet another important byway
into the metropolis of my head
as my voicebox expels debris
in coughs like opened doors to the worksite
rattling with noise from the drills and cranes
I would pay less for the work’s untimeliness
but the union’s work is mandated
and their wages must be paid all the same
I hope it will be done by morning
all of this work is taxing my system heavily
and I can’t afford much more of it


4 Responses to “head congestion”

  1. A good metaphor. Perhaps you need to find a back road? Decongestant Avenue or Sudafed Boulevard…

    (Also, thanks again for the tip on permalinking!)

    • Vic said

      I’m trying to flank it from the South by country roads chicken soup. As for the permalinking, Bryan Borland gave me the heads up and I’m just sharing the wealth.

  2. Ahem: From the South, my hand is up!

    Try fresh Garlic in your Chicken soup Vic, or fresh Garlic in anything, and drink as much OJ as you can stand :-). Also, some good peppers – as hot as you can stand them – will open up your sinuses pronto.

    Hope your feeling better soon neighbor!

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