maple maiden


At first I saw you with adolescent eyes
knowing only that you were a great tree
and as I contemplated your design
my heart wanted to play
so at first I climbed your branches
sitting, resting by your side, in your canopy
as I grew older, we bonded closer
your roots establishing your tenure
protruding from the ground, offering a seat
comforting me when I came to find you
then finally one day, you loved me too
showing yourself, your heart yielded
and I, seeing your love’s spring tapped
collected your nectar, your life’s blood
boiling it down to make sweet syrup
to amplify my life in your lingering taste
my maple maiden, stand tall with me
forever offering a nook to nestle into


2 Responses to “maple maiden”

  1. There was a dryad that used to stand outside my bedroom window, and I always saw her face when I’d wake up on a sunny morning. Thanks for the remembrance. 🙂

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