bon appétit


the office salad bowl
elements grown separately
from trees and vines
of foreign lands or local soils
made to work together
some more ripe than green neighbors
unified by a tart work sauce
comatose vegetables stare at screens
the carrot snaps with stress
a cucumber offers a refreshing discourse
an odd fruit tossed in for diversity
mingling flavors and characteristics
offering sustenance and essential vitals
unless we let it sit too long
and things brown and lose their appeal
so eat up and move on to the main course


4 Responses to “bon appétit”

  1. This was brilliantly creative Vic. Gives me a whole new perspective of Salad!

    Beautifully done!

  2. Loved line 9, “the carrot snaps with stress” — it made me chuckle. Some faces I know in real life come to mind. 😉 Cheers.

    • Vic said

      Yeah, that line made me laugh when I wrote it as it applies specifically to one person. Glad you liked it, too. Thanks!

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