old oak


I am an old oak
rings displayed on the outside
lines in my brow tell tales
scars on my hands and cheek
each bark their own story
my branches have grown strong
to support those loved
and my waistline expanded
showing hearty sustenance
and providing stability
time has deepened my roots
no longer shaking as a sapling
strength providing comforting shade
where friends rest or take refuge
I have grown and changed
but remain the same old oak
swaying gently in the same place
like an old man in a rocking chair
waiting to see loved ones
and what new saplings grow
into a forest of good strong oaks


4 Responses to “old oak”

  1. Joseph Harker said

    Very nice! 🙂

  2. I like this one very much Vic. I really enjoyed the visuals – it was truly like listening to an Old Oak speak. Very nicely done!

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