birthday girl


it was your birthday yesterday
and we went out the night before
you looked beautiful then
dressed in new clothes
and excitement was your make-up
infectiously creeping into hearts
like laughing gas, your smile spread
I watched happily from the wall
across the room in my own conversation
friends all around sharing love
engrossed in your aura, a blessing

the following morning rolling out of bed
you slipped into a comfy t-shirt
more radiant, if possible, than the night before
as your curls flowed naturally
like playful cascades
off the green of your mossy shoulders
I find myself falling in the pools of your eyes
growing more drunk in bliss at every sup
with no bartender to cut us off
falling in love all over again and again


2 Responses to “birthday girl”

  1. two of us, riding rainclouds said

    There’s a bunch of interesting rhymes and metaphorical connections between images here that really make the poem shine as a whole. Makes me want to write. Thanks for sharing.

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