Blue blooded royalty in hiding
walking amongst commoners
wielding no power
showing no riches
distinguished only by class
disregarding his title
he walked unnoticed
dirty and disrespected
experiencing humanity
not as a demigod

at first it was new
a learning experience
and as time leaked away
the novelty wore off
so he tried to reassert his nobility
only to find himself laughed at
not allowed near the castle gate
now he was stuck in serfdom
leaving him wont for luxury
receiving only comfort foods
second class cuts of meat
nothing from the king’s court
to his experienced palate

now the onus is on him
to show that a nobleman
is above a common peon
as pawns cannot become kings
this prince was their superior
using his education and talent
he wowed those that mocked him
they began to doubt themselves
seeing now a humbled hero
teaching from beyond a peasant’s life
unfurling his peacock feathers
in an extravagant display

though it had taken time
it was now the people who
brought him before the castle walls
wanting to see their humble lord rule
knowing that he had been touched
by the hearts of his constituents
and would rule from an unpadded seat
if they all would have none

as the gates were opened to him
a cheer went up in the crowd
through humility’s key
he’d won back his blood right
elevated to his thrown
by those that he reigned
having climbed up with new perspective
he was able to look down
and see the details from his perch
knowing those below in his heart
as much as he understood
from what he had learned and read
allowing for a just rule
to serve his men


2 Responses to “Nobler”

  1. Maid of Iron said

    Hi Vic. Pleasure to find your site. I like this piece very much. The message behind it on humility is inspiring and oh so true! :-).

    Well done!

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