glorious day


They say there is light
at the end of the tunnel
but what if you enter
the mountain at night
then even at chance’s
meeting with fate
the storm clouds cover
sun’s light at that instance
this should not matter
a traveler much
as nights turn to day
and rain clouds scatter
birthing glorious day
to feed all the flowers
of this be now certain
as June follows May


2 Responses to “glorious day”

  1. poeticgrin said

    You’re right, “this should not matter” – but it’s tough, especially if one crashes into the mountain head-first… or if the world is upside down and May follows June.

    Good poem with strong images, as always, Vic!

    • Vic said

      Yeah, I know, Bryan. Sometimes life hands us lemons and asks for sunny side eggs. All we can hope is that we’ll make the best of it.

      Thanks for the encouragement.

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