my visitor


One day this strange bird
landed on by my window
I stood still to stare while it was there
thinking it would fly quickly away
its beautiful beak and colorful plumage
were new and alien to me
it bobbed its head as if in curtsy
cooing a song as foreign as she
must be the spirit of love revived

when I finally did move
it was not afraid
what a bizarre bird this was indeed!

It stayed a while, bobbing her head
watching my life in my box
doing my chores in my apartment
seemed to amuse the watcher

since she was staying
I gave it some thought
and offered up a conversation
at the sound of my voice
as if she found it alarming
spread her wings and disappeared

I was saddened by the thought
of the creature’s departure
though it made no real difference to me
going about the rest of my day
it seemed to be just too lackluster

the next day I woke to an avian surprise
alongside the window there she was
I kept my thoughts to myself
and began my day
elated to have her company again

when curiosity bubbled
and boiled over in question
my voice disrupting the quiet
startled her away once again

what consequence is it to me
if she should not return?
it offered me nothing
it was only a bird

this rationale was a lie to myself
for even a moment with her
was better in silence
than a million just like it

so the next day she came
and I asked her no questions
she stayed through the night, unafraid
together in peace
content in our worlds
peeking at lives we don’t understand

so is my life, a compromise of sorts
keeping beauty and awe in my sight
inspiration stays by me both day and night
as long as I don’t chase her away


8 Responses to “my visitor”

  1. Joseph Harker said

    Based on a true story? If so, glad you two could come to an understanding. 🙂

  2. I can’t quite grasp what this piece says to me, but I know it’s taking me somewhere … the simplicity of it gives it layers that can relate to a lot of experiences in peoples’ lives .. nicely done … Tim

  3. Mike D said

    i’d visit more, too, if you spoke less!

  4. freshtodeath said

    i enjoyed it

  5. What a lovely piece.
    Makes perfect sense to me, literally and figuratively. And I’ve often had that visitor in bird-form…another story for another time.
    Hmm, maybe I should go write. I think I just got inspired! Good job.

    • Vic said

      Thanks for stopping by and reading some of my scribbles. I’m glad you liked this piece and even more happy that it got your creative juices flowing. 🙂 I’ll look forward to seeing what comes of it. Thanks Pearl!

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