face of the damned


a was a legionnaire
in the ranks of Rome’s finest
expanding dominion an inheritance
blood sharpened my senses
as a wet stone did my blade

there was always a mission
purpose set forth from Caesar
central command to our grand reign
never wavering in wisdom
as I was steadfast in obedience

then new blood joined this world
one who’s life stained my hands
through my spear’s shaft
my guilt conducted the curse’s current
he promised life everlasting, a blessing
this immortality has become my blight

I have been known by many names
mostly feared as what has escaped me
“death” my only lasting companion
shrouded by life’s pains and misery
my craft is to deal out the peace
sins have condemned me not to have

once I believed in the purpose
for which Rome called for blood
I grew rich along with my superiors
never questioning dictum, bar none
until I was forced to face my humanity
being thwarted for not growing old
my choices of sin, claiming my rest

now these lives quaffed by my sword’s thirst
are of a different dimension
life’s spring dried up by new purpose
bringing justice to those who have been wronged
no government or emperor pulling my strings
now those who fear me know why

I still have my sword, as she is my reminder
a harbinger of lifelessness, snuffing vanity
dispatching men to meet their fates
tearing sinew and bloodlines to leak life
with a personal push of my trained hand
collecting my ransom of life and gold
a mercenary for good, choosing my targets
purging the blood of innocents from my hands

today there are new means to dispatch evil men
paying their tickets to the gates of judgment
leveraging the scales of higher laws
be it pauper swindler or corrupt statesman
until I have weighed my hand for the less fortunate
and righted my transgressions against god and man
I will find no rest and must toil to tear them down

this never ending task haunts my existence
forging on until the end of days when I will take a knee
before he who’s blood damned me to life
surviving my heirs and my countries
for which I served and earned my soul’s stain
I will hunt in hopes of reconciliation
before the arrival of the white horse of
the apocalypse


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