unfair trade


I feel like I should apologize
this was supposed to be a fair trade
an exchange of equals or
at least some weighted balance
but you chose, like a white elephant gift
some cheap yet handsome and simple toy

myself for you, a bargain people can see
people see us together and wonder
as you would a homeless man with new shoes
I am the ragged but smiling face
knowing that I could never offer more
yet the best was given to me
for the little that I have

So I’ll sing your praises
and show you about
I won’t leave your side for
fear of revoking my good fortune
’til the wheels fall off and
my life’s light dims
I will give you my all
trying in vain to pay for my end


One Response to “unfair trade”

  1. Liz said

    well that is just inaccurate!

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