rain attacks


a net has fallen over the city today
entrapping everyone in an aquatic mesh
people run the streets, trying to flee
some stay in bed from its heavy burden
yet others stand paralyzed under awnings
protective shields render a primitive defense
but the mood stays somber from the attack
soaked tempers flare as if in gas
taxis speed away harboring civilians
away from weathered neighborhoods
stopping for crossing heads under force fields
indoors coworkers stare outside uneasily
anticipating having to brave the falling bombs
newly arrived men shake shrapnel from their shoulders
the liquid dust of a city under siege


3 Responses to “rain attacks”

  1. Mike D said

    throw the net south a little. my car needs a bath.

  2. Joseph Harker said

    Just about sums up yesterday round these parts… 😛

    • Vic said

      Looks like we’re in for more of it for the rest of the week too, so batten down the hatches! Thanks for stopping by again, Joseph.

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