into the Mojave


hung over, dehydrated, hot and over weight
we begin our trip into the Mojave
the air conditioner has ceased to function
we finish our water supply and refill
leaving canteens in the car while we explore
the black car incubates the evil of hot
spawning heat on sunburned skin
warming water meant to refresh
detracting from the only respite
cotton mouthed and dizzy from the desert
our adventures around Joshua trees
persist in amazing each one with nuances
climbing granite boulders to breath taking vistas
angry heart beating in protest of exercise
exhausting the last viscus qualities of our blood
we begin to see spots and spin
like canine passengers, again in the car
heads protrude from window frames
begging for the treat of cool wind
to no avail


One Response to “into the Mojave”

  1. wally426 said

    Don’t toast your behind too much out there, and catch me a gila monster if you can…

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