dreaming of you


sleep without help never comes
you are my sleepy time tea
tossing, longing for your warmth
even sunburned skin begs for your caress
the pillow is not right
nor is the bed
not for their nature but
for lack of you
as if woken from a nightmare
and fearing its repeat
my nocturnal torture continues
needing you


5 Responses to “dreaming of you”

  1. poeticgrin said

    All I can say is:


    I love it start to finish, especially “you are my sleepy time tea” – who wouldn’t love that!?!?!

    You’ve written a universal love poem.

  2. freshtodeath said

    Worded wonderfully. I know exactly how you feel; I know you probably get that a lot yet I truly do. I appreciate the feedback and as I become more active, I encourage you to share anymore that you might have. My names Anthony by the way. I also noticed..usted habla espanol! I am currently studying Spanish because I plan to move down to Mexico in about a month for six months up to a year. As my Spanish progresses I plan to incorporate it into some of my poetry. I will add you to my blogroll. It was nice meeting you Vic! Hasta luego hermano!

    • Vic said

      Thanks Anthony! I’ve been on the road this week. Thanks for the add on your blog roll. I’ve done the same.
      You’re very kind in praising my scribbles. It is much appreciated.

  3. Liz said

    TTWFO…as tave myliu

  4. freshtodeath said

    De nada! I cannot wait for the day in which I’ll be able to read, comprehend, and fully understand your scribbles in espanol. Hasta luego hombre!

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