the fife is playing its melancholy tune
elevator music barely noticeable in the lobby
or did I just imagine that?
going about my day, there it is again
the same melody carrying
like smoke from a distant campfire
now is that a trick of the mind or coincidence?
thoughts race, images dance on Plato’s cave
lives have soundtracks, so must death
a forewarning, I call friends
check into my flight and pass to my gate
a drink at the bar, then there it is
quickly, as if it was on the radio in a passing car
my fear is irrational and so I proceed
board the plane, buckle up and do my crossword
steady now, the boarding music affirms it
at least I called friends before and spoke to mom


2 Responses to “premonition”

  1. Joseph Harker said

    Have you been watching “Final Destination” again? 😉

    (Because your poem is much better than the movie.)

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