on a trip


though I may be far, I carry you with me
every step forward or to the side
on crowded plaza squares in foreign cities
crossing felled trees across remote streams
I wear you like unusual light from my collar
like a straight man in a gay bar
everyone is aware that you are with me

we can pause and slide into our cove
where only you and I know the entrance
submerging under the chop to find the mouth
a cave concealed from all else
time stands still, encapsulating us
a message in a bottle arriving to the addressee

be at ease when we are apart
I never travel alone, sharing the world
allowing each moment we missed physically
to be a shared story once reunited
forging our tempered bond against time
to excite the glow you’ve given me


2 Responses to “on a trip”

  1. utterly beautiful.

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