kiss the sun


by night he’d miss the sun
reminded of her presence
by reflected light on the face of another
other stars seem insignificant
distant drones in comparison
failing to emanate warm illumination
casting cold pale light, hiding flaws
his heart would race at dawn
as she stepped off the horizon’s gangplank
flushing the world with her grace
every flower turn its head to see
the arrival of his radiant beauty
every man longed for a touch
but found their dreams on melting wax wings
when he arrived with a blanketing embrace
engulfing her curves in bliss
they enjoyed each moment, the envy of all
happiness in waiting for fragile dusk
to call them both to laborious wait


2 Responses to “kiss the sun”

  1. John said

    Thank you visitng my site. Thank you for your kind praise of my own poetry work. After reading a selection of your work on this beautifully done wordpress blog, “I thought of myself as a poet, until I met one.”

    Personal Regards,

    John Rigo

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