fools’ gold


tattered clothes on a park bench
a rusty shopping cart full of neglecteds
oily hair on a ski-capped head
too many layers for the summer sun
continually on the move
except for now they sit together
a recovered knife splits an apple
equal halves shared in kindness
she apparently likes her skin off
and he discards only the core
hands wiped on a towel on the cart
a comb produced for a moment to groom
like a little girl, the world is hers
through falling markets and rising ones
their stock holds no bearing on the tickers
it’s in their hearts, vaults which harbor gold
hand in hand pushing their cart
happy in rags they walk together in love


9 Responses to “fools’ gold”

  1. Clever words. Nicely done.

  2. Matt said

    A great write, Vic. You present very vividly a moment in their lives, there is no “market price” for such friendship.

    “equal halves shared in kindness
    she apparently likes her skin off
    and he discards only the core”

  3. Wow.. this one is RICH – in emotions and pure brilliance! the wisdom of these words are unchallenged..
    Loved your poem… you’ve used great imagery to immortalise a common occurance!
    And, thanks for your visit and your kind comment!

    • Vic said

      When the Dark Lord smiles upon me, I’m sure I’ve done something right. Thank you very much for your kind words and for stopping by. Thank you for stopping by.

  4. 1writegirl said

    They are indeed rich, in the only way that really matters.

    • Vic said

      Thank you for stopping by and mostly for your kind words. Means more coming from a talented wordsmith, like you.

  5. beautiful moment you painted. quite touching.

  6. Mike D said

    sounds like it would be a dream come true! thanks for providing hope

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