life’s muse


on occasion life’s muses hide
like high noon shadows underneath
the lethargy of apathetic self pity
mucus filled eyes roll as
go-getters encourage the search

come out and show your face!
an eel of hidden hope peers out
inaction strapped into its child’s seat
on the road to find life
and coax it from its hole

citric acid spills from a split fruit
into the new cut in a finger
the rest into a tropical libation
spiced with rum and chilled on ice
the pain tastes good, in feeling

dilated pupils soak in the essence
from a lover’s hair flicking the breeze
a child, or nature and ordinary life
the muse was never silent
knocking, even scratching at the door
locked from inside, yearning to be let in


One Response to “life’s muse”

  1. poetryfromthebackofmyhand said

    intense, like the acid on the cut image you can really feel it.

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