serf and waves


Though I stand as tall as I was made
a buried head, humbled in the sand
self imposed fate I am immersed in you
confined to love you and you are the sea
will your foam stay safely by my side
bowing curtsies in lady-like grace
one hand upon my cheek is gloved linen
or will it be an exasperating slap
making me gasp for life as I stand firm
I will not struggle, for I am yours
stubbornly enamored, giving no ground
my heart wrapped in your peaceful bay
a womb to grow in or a grave to rest
trust is buoyant, my borrowed bilge
together like sand and surf
you are my undertow


2 Responses to “serf and waves”

  1. Joseph Harker said

    “Though I stand as tall as I was made”

    The structure of your stuff often reminds me of W.S. Merwin’s, one of my favorites… very nice. 🙂

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