light rain


candid light drips from the sieve of the night sky
revealing hidden magic on the vernal canvas
shimmering dew on burdened blades of grass
facets of the heard of drops rushing in the creek
the owl acknowledges the drizzle of moon beams
a tuba to the crickets’ string section atop breezy branch percussion
setting the mood for a peaceful serenade
silhouettes of orchestral figures bathing
in early summer’s evening mystic shine


3 Responses to “light rain”

  1. poeticgrin said

    That you can turn a light rainfall into an orchestra is proof that you are a true poet. Beautiful words.

  2. wally426 said

    I guess you have plenty of inspiration as it rained 12 inches last month! Looking forward to a future poem about the drenching sunshine and opressive heat we’ll be getting. Beautiful words here man, seriously.

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