a new path


on my walk I found a path
leading alongside a river
cut through thicketed woods
a safe haven from the brambles

as I walked the river sang
the scenery danced to lullabys
ne’er a person betwixt my way
and pleasantly I went on

then it seems, by some odd fate
the landscape seemed to change
eroded shores fell to hungry rapids
there must have been a big storm

rocks and roots, now exposed
caused hazards to each step
when finally I made an about face
as the path fell into the river

no forks nor bridges to aid my walk
and with walls of heavy woods directing
I turned to find where it all had started
looking for yet another path to lead the way


One Response to “a new path”

  1. Matt said

    Or maybe you found the source of the river at that juncture, who knows…

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