Evil Nymph


sitting silent on a stump in the wood
contemplating on nothing good
a saw the little nymph compose her magic spell
sneaking closer I tripped and fell
becoming the recipient of her chants
understanding not one of her rants
next I woke in someplace new
bound and caged, nowhere I knew
the mischievous creature grinning wide
her next intentions she did not hide
boiling a cauldron of human size
her gaze transfixed on her dinner prize
the guest of honor would not eat
I would serve only for my meat

struggling against my limbs’ constraints
panic stricken, I almost faint
then from the left a wondrous sight
my father’s bow, arrow pulled tight
once he felled that cursed hine
in releasing me from the sinewy binds
he now turned away from the beast
but his arrow had only grazed it’s breast
it stood now angry craving blood
approached my father where he stood
turning quickly to face the monster
a knife drawn to battle his accoster

my fear gave way to buckled knees
landing softly on it’s nest of reeds
then when I did finally wake
in my bed, at father’s place
I ran to find out what had happened
to find he thought by brain had slackened
my entire story was surreal
childish dreams that seemed too real


2 Responses to “Evil Nymph”

  1. poeticgrin said

    I feel intense love for poets who have the balls to rhyme at a time when Poetry Snobs say it isn’t cool… for me, there’s a magic in it that reminds me of why I enjoy poetry in the first place.

    This was fun, rhythmic, had a great story, and left me smiling.

    Damn those evil nymphs!

    • Vic said

      Thanks, Bryan. If any poetry snobs reach my site, I’ll deal with them then. Thanks for the support!

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