Ode to Iran’s fallen eight


Why did you kill our brothers?
men very distant in relation, never being nye
though when looking at the faces of the others
even the strongest men cannot hold a dry composed eye
history will remember you, marking the date
your families will stand proud knowing your cause
you’ve joined the family of martyrs sharing your fate
those who survived you, who’s emotions you did rouse
Let’s hope that your blood catalyzes change
that others will risk what you gave in anonymity
grinding the locks down, giving freedom to the caged
heralding nuances in your silent victory of amnesty
marching against the system heroically breaking laws
not for self promotion but for betterment of society
mowed down by blind henchmen, your body bleeding raw
you died infecting everyone with your righteous insobriety
making men take action in remembrance of your valor
wearing black in remembrance, carrying placards with your name
fearing not imprisonment, persecution, guns nor saber
your blood grew the movement to the stage of global fame
Give rise to democracy, giving power to the people
bring down Ahmadinejad transending from the grave
make the sound of freedom ring from every minaret and steeple
giving the populace the power that they crave
we will remember, thanks to you, the Irani fallen eight
what things were like before that day when you bravely gave your lives
like the victims of the Boston Tea Party and Tienanmen’s Square, now heaven’s gate
we will press on in your names united, until that day when we arrive


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