Turgid day leads to putrid night
Overwhelming city noise lands chaotic
Unwelcome Summer breath steals Spring’s delicate grace
Sweltering sun rays fall like early cartoon anvils from the sky
No peace from this sweaty dance kept alive by the resounding whip’s crack
Dreams of escape haunt every moment’s respite
Nightmares poison restful slumber, taking away life’s sole sweetness

One day freedom erupts from out of nowhere
Gray skies replace the once humidity laden blue
Like death, hollowing cold winds begin to blow
Longing for the sun to shine through the tepid-gray bomb clouds
Not a morning bird’s chirp nor a gregarious laugh disrupts silence
Snow silences Fall’s rustling leaves and mutes all else
Now the dance gives life purpose, offering comforting company
A cozy embrace is all that remains of Summer’s passion

Alas seasons turn inevitably
the only thing worse is not reaching the next


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