Just a man


My work allows me to bring you gifts
dinner and flowers, shows and trips
not rich by most men’s standards
nor do I find this to be a problem
but I wish I could offer you more
humbly, I am just a man

My tongue is versed in many languages
understanding the meanings and definitions
making friends from many cultures
but there is no discourse for the heart
I do what I can to interpret from my experience
alas, I am just a man

My heart is filled with love and hope
in you I have found an uplifting partner
making me strive for yet higher stars
trying to show just how much you move me
and explain that I’m limited by my twisted brain
you acknowledge my efforts
but want yet more
unfortunately, I am just a man

My hope is that I can make you happy
over satiating your every wont from my lowliness
conveying my feelings of adoration, never bringing you down
uncovering the gift of my love from its clandestine hole
and when you peer down from your cloud on high
I hope I can say my dreams contributed to float you there
but hopes and dreams are finite and contrived
and they are all I have to offer
for my dear, I am just a man


6 Responses to “Just a man”

  1. Matt said

    My eyes follow your graceful lines,
    until at the last stanza’s end, head nods.
    I could say more, but after all,
    I am just a reader.

    – Enjoyed your poem.

  2. Matt said

    You’re welcome, Vic, you have talent, keep writing. I wish I’d written this one, it has great flow/style and I can’t give a better compliment than than that to your muse.

  3. Laurie said

    This is a beautiful, tender and pure and honest poem. Thank you for your honesty and openness. I want you to know that I was moved by this.

  4. Liz said

    As tave myliu…

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