Gluttonous Sluggard


I woke this morning with no motivation
my bed entangling my productivity
delivering my pined sluggard’s elation
in down pillows and clean sheets of serendipity

the Sunday sun seductively shining, beckoning
I drew the sheets to cover my head
then came the smells of coffee and bacon things
and hunger won over the comfort of the bed

I staggered, dragging towards the kitchen
aromas from lustful dreams of gluttony sink in their hooks
reeling in their victim like a midnight vixen
drawing their prey into their secluded breakfast nooks

eggs and waffles, fresh juice and varietals of pig flesh
a veritable feast of nature’s bounty laid on the table
home fried potatoes, buttered toast, berries and creme fresh
one cup of coffee and I no longer was unstable

with deft and speed, short work was made of piled plates
pouring insufferably vile amounts of food through my teeth
swallowing the comestibles like running water through sewer grates
erupting belches like sounds of a sheep’s foul bleat

when all was finished and I had gorged myself full
sluggish once again under the weight of my new load
back from whence I came, like the shore to a gull
bed now calling, I was so destined to never leave the abode


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