the one


a table is set, yet not one person is seated
the guests’ all are bickering who sits at the head
the words are harsh and the argument is heated
everyone thinking they deserve it instead
then in walks the master, with loud clicking hooves
all parting ways to make room for their king
from Judas to Brutus, Rasputin, Pol Pot, everybody moves
not knowing he was coming “we’re sorry” they sing
now the fight begins as to who’s at his right hand
baring their teeth and swinging clenched fists
“be quiet” he whispers this simple command
as they obey this sign with a flip of the wrist
he signals to the door captivating his cronies
in walk a hooded man, his face is well guarded
this man must be pure evil if they all felt like phonies
so as the man walked, the vermin all parted
after a moment of silence the questioning began
who are you? what are you? why was he chosen?
the room seemed to grow colder as he was seated
Satan raised his claw and all remained frozen
so all stared intently at he who left them defeated
“remember” the prince said “all that has past”
and they all struggled to recall what was done
when the hood was drawn back it left all aghast
it was the woman he had always called “the one”


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